Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just do it already *Edited to add visual aids*

That's what I told myself this morning while changing a load of laundry. Maybe I'm not ready to paint the whole house yet, but I can at least clean out the laundry room.

You see, I love the layout of our house except for one thing: I hate the laundry room. Because it's not even a room. It's a hallway from the garage to the rest of the house. The most used hallway in our house. And a dumping ground.

Here's what I found in there: 563 hangers (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating), an iron, an ironing board, three empty boxes pretending to be important, lightbulbs, a box of gallon sized ziploc bags, an extra roll of glad wrap, two of Brad's extra thermoses, a huge framed map of Colorado Springs, my breadmaker, two folding chairs, a step stool, books from the Bible study we finished a month ago, a Sunday School coloring sheet, my purse and Bible study bag, our books and folders from the membership class we finished 2 weeks ago, a trashcan, assorted laundry supplies and cleaning supplies, suction cup bathroom organizers, a black crayola marker, the twins' art easel, a post-it pad, paint brushes, a carpenter's pencil, dirty dish rags, need I go on?

I'm sure you can see why that "room" stressed me out. Now, admittedly, I just threw whatever didn't belong there into the garage or on the stairs to be taken up next time I go, but I figure if I do one space at a time it will be much more manageable.

I even dragged our bench, languishing in the garage getting dusty, up the garage steps all by myself. It's one of those mudroom benches that has a tall back with hooks.

Here's the plan: Only the most used jackets get to hang on the bench. Mom and Dad can only have one pair of shoes downstairs at a time. The kids' shoes go in a basket next to the bench. Mom's purse and Bible study bag have a home on a hook. Most laundry (dishcloths excepted) stays out of the laundry room except on Wednesdays (laundry day).

If you have a mudroom/laundry room, how do you keep it organized?

PS No pictures because I haven't found my charger yet. That's my next project, I promise, Dad. :)

Ha! Found the charger! Here are some pictures. Wish I had some befores, but you'll have to believe me when I say it was a cluttered mess.

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Anonymous said...

Now you know why we designed our house in Lebanon with a dedicated laundry room. The hall to the garage had a large coat closet and no place to sit anything down. Thinking back on it, it worked very well. Next house, a new item for your wish list.


PS Get the twins to go on a treasure hunt with you for the charger.