Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making things (Edited to add more pictures)

I've started a craft night. Twice a month, I invite a bunch of ladies to come and bring whatever they're working on. Last month was a hit. Last night, not so much. Just me and one friend. There was a scheduling conflict. I'm not taking it personally. :)

Anyway, the thing I love about craft night besides hanging out with like-minded ladies is the accountability. I'm terrible about buying everything I need for a craft and then losing steam somewhere in the beginning. But, I feel like someone else knows what I'm doing now, so I have to get it done. :)

Last night, after a failed attempt at reading another pattern, I started this hat for Catie. Today when she saw it almost finished she asked who it was for. When I told her it was for her, she got really excited. I'm not quite done--I want to crochet a big flower and attach it to the hat--but it's wearable at this point. Here she is:
She wanted to show you her bracelet.

I suppose creativity runs in the family. Here's what Nicky does almost all day, everyday:

Hopefully I'll have a finished hat to show you later tonight or tomorrow. :)

Ta-da! I finished it already. The flower was faster and easier than I expected. Here are some more pictures of my little model:

A view of the flower. Yes, she insisted on wearing two "hats"--her hood and the beanie.

Work it, work it!

And for a bit of reality. Nicky wanted in on the photo shoot. He's standing on a little chair.


Kristine said...

What a cute hat! And a lovely model to wear it. I think building things is what boys were made to do, Jared builds with his blocks all day to.

Angela said...

So cute!! What does one have to do in order to get one of those for her own child without actually having to do the work? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

The first shot is fantastic. It is already my desktop.