Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good enough is not good enough

I can't find my camera battery charger. After 3 months of living in this house (Has it really only been 3 months?) I'm ready for some organization. So much of what I did when we were unpacking was "good enough" and "we'll figure out what we really want to do later." Later has come. All of a sudden I can't stand the way things are around here.

The laundry room/hallway to the garage is driving me crazy. It's a dumping ground. The same goes for the ledge between the hallway and the living room. And, oh, my computer desk! Junk all the time. Let's not even talk about the playroom. And the craft room? I can't wait to get my hands on that room and really make it functional. Our bedroom is haphazard. The guest room walls have holes in them. The kids' room is unfinished and their curtain rods are bent from pulling on them.

I'm tired of feeling like the house is half finished. I have the sudden urge to start painting immediately. And we have so many more surfaces here for decorating. I'm getting a little overwhelmed.

The problem is, I know exactly what I would do if I had infinite amounts of money, but I don't. So, we'll take it one step at a time. It's going to take longer than I want for sure. And, it will never be completely done. And I need to learn how to be okay with that.

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