Monday, June 22, 2009

Out and About

Brad's sister is in town with her youngest, and we've been out and about exploring our backyard. We've resumed our nightly walks to the playground after a week of sickness then a week of rain. Who wouldn't love this view, just a 10 minute walk from our house?

And, just beyond the lake is our favorite playground in the city. It's built especially for toddlers.

Catie's new "thing": running with her arms stretched out behind her. Maybe it makes her go faster? :)
Nick is always experimenting with new ways to go down the slide. Ooh, look. Woodchips.

Catie adores her Aunt Brittany and cousin Brindy. Here she is laughing at her aunt.

I can do it myself! Catie makes it up the climbing wall for the first time on her own! (Brindy is in the background looking cute, too.)

What a fun aunt!

I can do this too!

Today, we headed out to Girdwood, to the Alyeska ski resort. It was a dreary, cold day, but we had a lot of fun taking the tram to the top.

Brittany and Brindy on the tram:

The sun's not out, but Catie sure looks cool in her shades (upside-down, of course.)

Are we there yet?

The views from the top, when the clouds cleared, were beautiful.

We ate lunch up there and all agreed that it was a fun trip!

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