Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A morning at the farm

We had a wonderful time this morning at one of our MOPS mentor's farm. It's tucked away inside Anchorage. It was so fun, surrounded by trees and full of animals. You'd never think that you were right next to one of the main roads through town.

It took Catie 2 hours to get dressed yesterday. (We were in no hurry.) When I told her that we were going to a farm to see lots of animals this morning, she got dressed in record time.

Here's farmer Nick with the chickens.
And farmer Catie petting the goats.
Down by the pond.
Wow, it's so fun for a little boy to throw things in the water. :)

She has 14 peacocks, only one male. Here he is on top of the chicken coop.

We had a little drama getting on the pony (Nick opted not to ride, and Catie wanted to ride another horse) but once she got on, she was a pro. :) Here she is with me and Mary, the MOPS mentor.

Giddy-up, cowgirl!

Time to go home!

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Amanda said...

looks like lots of fun!