Sunday, June 14, 2009

The blog post I should be writing

I should be writing a blog post today all about our picnic yesterday. About how we drove up the hillside to a scenic picnic spot. About how you could see all of Anchorage from up there. About how gorgeous the clouds were where the sky met the water. About the little hike that we took and the many wildflowers we saw. About the fellowship with our friends. About the yummy hamburgers and hotdogs that Brad grilled even though we forgot the spatula. And about the twins frolicking through the grass that was almost as tall as them.

I should be writing a post about all that. Except I'm not. Because I can't do it justice with words. And I remembered my camera. But I left the memory card in my laptop.

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Anonymous said...

Can we go to that beautiful spot when we are there next month? I'll even remind you to bring your camera AND the memory card!