Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My hot glue gun and me

When we moved from Colorado, Brad and I had the great idea to get rid of a lot of our furniture and replace it with good stuff when we came back from Qatar. Unfortunately, we didn't think about the fact that we would need some furniture in the meantime.

Enter the guest bedroom, priority number 999 in a list of about a thousand.

My mother-in-law made a quilt for us, but we still haven't gotten around to getting it finished. I decided to start using it anyway. I guess I better get it taken care of since she'll be here in a month! Anyway, she also gave me the leftover fabric, and I used it to extend the plain white bed skirt that I picked up for about $15 at Walmart. It still didn't look quite right, so that's where the glue gun comes in. I hot glued some grosgrain ribbon along the seam. Ta da! I think it looks cute.
See that nightstand in the corner? It has a little secret. After I covered it up and gave it the glue gun treatment, my supportive husband said, "You're right, Erica, it doesn't look like a file cabinet anymore. It looks like a file cabinet with a table cloth on it." Thanks, Brad. But, it works. Our guests need a nightstand, and I need a file cabinet. A symbiotic relationship.

I also had enough fabric for a valance, and it got the hot glue treatment too.

I know a file cabinet/nightstand isn't what we had in mind when we got rid of our old bedroom set, but couldn't stand having an unfinished room. Ironically, I'm trying to convince Brad that it would be a good idea to buy an old iron headboard and antique nightstands and paint them white. :)


Anonymous said...

The room looks great. Just one thing missing in the pictures, the twins.


Angela said...

That looks really cute! I totally agree an antique head board and nightstands would be perfect in that room.