Monday, March 9, 2009

I You!

All of a sudden, it seems that Catie and Nick can imitate just about any word that I say. For example, they can say all their aunts and uncles names, something that seemed impossible a few months ago. With this in mind, I've been working hard to get those three sweet little words out of their mouths that I've been longing to hear... I love you. Today we came very close when Nicky said, "I you!" It was obvious from the way he said it, pointing to me, that he meant "I love you" and it warmed my heart all the same.

Completely unrelated, the sermon that I told you was awesome last week has been uploaded onto the church website. (Click here and then click on "The Journey of Jesus.") If you have some time to listen, you won't be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

Did you get the DVD I sent of our service last week? I promise you will not be disappointed or think it a waste of time if you watch it!