Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A new haircut and a new toy

We went out again today to another mall. :) I promise I don't go everyday, but it is pretty high up on my list of interesting things to do in Doha. Actually, I happened upon a website last night that had a list of things to do with toddlers in Doha, including a music class, baby gym, and a newsletter for toddler moms. I signed up for the newsletter and I'm thinking of looking into the music class. Anyway, we went to the mall today. This one is called the Hyatt Plaza. Why? I'm not exactly sure, although one would assume that there is a Hyatt hotel connected to it or nearby, but there isn't that I've seen. But what I have seen, it's hard to miss actually, is the gigantic shopping cart out front. Seriously, it's got to be at least 30 feet tall. The reason we headed to the mall today was Nicky has been in need of a haircut for a few weeks now, and I finally broke down and went to the children's salon to get it taken care of. He sat up on the little chair like a big boy and did really well considering. No tears or fussing. I was sure that the electric razor was going to scare him, but he didn't seem to mind. It might have had something to do with the television playing cartoons right in front of him. Catie, meanwhile, thought it was great fun to watch them play with her brother. Since it was such a momentous occasion (Nicky's first big boy haircut) I decided to take them to Giant (the Walmart-like store) to get them a cheap toy. Well, I ended up buying them a ball pit. We've been looking at them for a while now, but haven't found the right one until today, something that is neat at the right price. When we got back home, the babies went down for their nap and I spent a half an hour blowing the ball pit up. It was worth it, though, to see the looks on their faces when they got up. They love their new toy!

If you put a ball on the slides, it rolls down and into the pit. Catie thought that there was something special about the balls that rolled down, I guess, because whenever I would roll one down, she would go and pick it up. :) She knew which color it was, too, even if it got mixed up with the other balls after it rolled down. I thought that was impressive.

Nicky was having a great time. You'll notice in this picture that he got a boo-boo on his chin the other day. :( He fell onto his cup.

Take a close look at Catie. She's licking the ball. Silly girl. :)

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ukrainiac said...

This is going to be an out-of-the-blue question...are you related to the videographer Herzogs in North Carolina? Seems Nancy was bragging about a digital scrapbook genius in the family...

I am a missionary living in Kyiv, Ukraine. We moved here with twin daughters and our son...though they were teenagers at the time! I am thankful that you are finding people to connect with over there..