Friday, January 18, 2008

More Pictures and a Couple Adventures

So, I had a couple adventures yesterday. :) Brad has been sick for the past few days with influenza or something, so we hadn't been able to go out for groceries. We needed milk, however, so I drove to MegaMart. Yes, that's right, I drove. :) Granted, I regularly walk there, so it's not very far, just a few blocks from the apartment, but I did actually drive. It was completely uneventful, but I thought I would share my moment of freedom with you all. :)
As for my other adventure, last night I went out with some of Brad's coworkers for Tom's birthday. Brad decided not to go so that he could rest and watch the babies. Part of the group left earlier, and Tom wanted to take a cab instead of driving, so they asked the night watchman to call a cab. Instead, he called one of his buddies to come and drive us. He had a little stick shift car that made a host of disconcerting noises. The seat belts in the back didn't have clips. It wasn't like they were buried in the seats, they were actually nonexistent. He wasn't a bad driver, by Doha standards, but he did take us the long way, which was silly since he didn't have a meter and told us to pay him whatever we wanted. I rode back with someone else on the way home. :) Dinner was good, by the way. I'm told the restaurant we went to, Paloma at the Intercontinental, is the best Mexican food in Doha, and it was good. Not as good as the one in Denver, but still good. Brad is feeling better today, too, by the way.

Here's some pictures. I've been messing with my editing program, trying some new things. Sorry if some of these pictures look weird. :)
First, here is the twins reaction to a Christmas present that came late. (A wire and bead toy that Grandma Herzog sent.) Actually, they wanted to throw it around and we wouldn't let them.
Am I wrong for thinking my kids are adorable when they throw fits?

Just hanging out on the couch.

Nick's favorite toy. He's made the connection now that it changes the tv. It's really frustrating for him when we take out the batteries.

Going in for a smooch! :)


Erica Herzog said...

My dad mentioned that the pictures of Catie standing up crying and Nicky with the remote were distorted. Just wanted to let you know I did that on purpose. I was playing with my camera. :)

Grandma Cindy said...

Hi Blogger!
It has been a few days since I looked at your website, so I didn't even know until today that I could leave comments. FYI--I like the "poem" on the second page much better. It sounds like your creed when you were a toddler. Those twins are the cutest in the whole wide world! You've captured some good shots. Would you send them to me via email so I can print them and show them off?

About going to the mall--why should living 1/2 way around the world change your entertainment habits?! ;-)