Thursday, October 14, 2010

Princess Fantasy Walk

One day at Disneyland, Catie and I spent 45 minutes waiting in line while everyone else rode the train around the park. It was so worth it, because we got to meet three princesses. :)

These were the A-game princesses too. They were all totally patient with my little chatterbox. She told all three of them one of her endless, pointless "stories" and they all three listened and asked her questions. She loved it.

Here she is telling a story to Belle:

And here she is telling a story to Cinderella:

She was so happy to talk to Ariel. At the end she asked Ariel to sing, and since I'm sure she's not supposed to sing Ariel said, "Yes, I love to sing; I sing all the time, especially at Sebastian's concerts." Catie was so charmed by her she didn't even realize that Ariel had dodged her request.
Isn't she precious?

What a fun memory to share with Catie!

I have two more sets of pictures to share. Sorry for the break this week; I was taking care of our MOPS meeting which was today and went very well. :)

One more note about these pictures. Can you tell how hot Catie is? Have I mentioned that while we were there LA had it's hottest day ever, EVER? As in, this is the hottest it's ever been since they started recording temperatures. 114 degrees! We just baked. And sucked down $4 drinks.

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