Monday, October 4, 2010

Character Meet and Greets

Catie, Nick, and Ryder had a great time meeting characters around the parks. (Thanks for the autograph books, Aunt Brittany!)

The twins have been on a classic Disney kick recently. They love Alice and Wonderland and were happy to Alice right away on our first day.

Some of the characters were exciting. Some of them freaked the kids out. It seemed like the ones that scared Catie and Nick were the best ones for Ryder and vice versa.
Everyone was excited to see Mickey.

But we couldn't get them to take a good picture! Both the boys were looking down, so Mickey covered their faces. I think it was a trick to get them to laugh and look up. I'm sure it works sometimes. :)

Catie wasn't so sure she wanted to stand with her back to Mickey. I'm thinking that Mickey is trained to try as hard as possible to get "the shot." He did a good job keeping all three kids in the picture.

Here's a good Disney photo trick: give the kids flags to wave in the picture.

We happened to catch a show in a corner of the California Adventure park. The characters didn't have much time afterward so my pictures aren't very good.
We were standing in line to talk to Woody when they announced that he had to keep moving, so we didn't get to really see him, just a quick hello.

Handy Manny was hanging out near the Playhouse Disney show.
Buzz Lightyear was standing near the Buzz Lightyear ride. Catie and Nick thought he was intimidating. Ryder loved seeing him in person.
But Ryder was freaked out by Winnie the Pooh. See what I mean?
Again, I couldn't get them to look up....
I think the characters are a big part of what separates Disney from other theme parks. There's not much that compares to seeing your kids eyes light up when they see their "friends" in real life.

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