Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us!

Brad gave me a call last week to let me know that our friends, Landry and Amy, were willing to watch the kids overnight so that we could have a little anniversary getaway. There was no way I was passing that up after the last couple weeks I've had with the kids. (Catie is in a very clingy phase and Brad took a fishing trip to Alaska last weekend.)

We decided to drive down to Walla Walla, and stay at a super swanky Bed and Breakfast called Vine & Roses. Seriously, you need to click that link and check it out. I'll wait....

We stayed in the Parisian suite, with a four poster king-size bed, see through fire place above the room-enough-for-two jacuzzi tub, and a two person shower with 5 body sprayers. I can't even attempt to describe the beauty that was the kitchen, but let me say that she had about 5 billion cookbooks in a built-in bookcase and I could have sat there all day looking at them. Seriously, you have to click on that link and take a look at the period French antiques. She has a buyer... in France.

Anyway, we got to the B&B around 6:30 pm on Sunday night, changed, and went to dinner at Whitehouse-Crawford. Yum. I'm still thinking about the fried Walla Walla sweet onions. They were light, tempura-style. So delicious. We also had a scrumptious Greek style salad, and they weren't stingy on the olives. I got twice as many, since I ate Brad's too. :) For our entrees, Brad had steak and I had beef stroganoff. He didn't even offer a bite of his steak, so I imagine it was as tender and delicious as the beef in my dish. We had the creme brulee and house-made salted caramel ice cream for dessert. The creme brulee was the only thing we were disappointed in. Brad's is better. The salted caramel ice cream, however, was fabulous. Two and a half hours after we entered, we left fat and very happy.

I'll skip to the morning. You're welcome.

The next morning we had a scrumptious breakfast and nice conversation with the owner, the cook, and the other guests (a couple from Seattle.) The peach scones were to die for. I just finished the ones that she sent home with us for breakfast this morning. Yummy.

When we got home, Nick was excited to see us, but Catie said, "Mommy, don't come back. I'm playing with Landry and Amy." I could have used another day, too, little one. :)

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