Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Plans

Why is it that people get so busy during the summer? I don't understand this phenomenon at all, or at least I didn't until this summer. I've always been really frustrated when all the programs stop once school lets out for the summer. My Monday nights are still free for Bible study; why are we taking a break?

In the past, we've tried to buck the trend. Bible study leader taking a break for the summer? We'll take over for a while. One couple showed up. (Turns out they became some of our closest friends in Colorado.)

Playgroup breaking up? No way; I'll take over. Cancelled week after week.

This summer I decided to go with the flow. I'll have a casual get together once a week. No real agenda, just a group of ladies and their kids getting together to play and share prayer requests. Week one: a good response, 5 ladies. Week two: I had strep throat. Week three: cancelled because no one could come. Week four: One mom showed up, but she's going out of town for the rest of the month. Sigh. Do I stink or something? :)

I said at the beginning of this rant that I understand why people are so busy this summer, at least a little more. When did my life get so full of things that are supposed to be relaxing? My weekdays are full of playdates, gymnastics, and other things to keep the kids occupied. My weekends are full of keeping up with our house. Top that off with a few trips and a couple visitors and I'm ready to take a break from organized programs too.

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Welcome to my LIFE!!!!!