Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can't pull one over on my three and a half year-old girly

Okay, confession time. I didn't feel like making and cleaning up lunch after running errands yesterday morning. So, we stopped by McDonald's, picked up some happy meals and ate in the car. The car is the only place I can virtually guarantee that the kids will eat a whole meal. There's something about being strapped in with no toys around. :)

Catie was finished with her nuggets and she was ready to get serious about eating her apple slices. So, she asked me to hold her nugget box. Here's the conversation that followed:

Catie: Mommy, hold this.

Me: Catie, Mommy is driving right now.

Catie: Mommy, don't say you're driving.

Me: But I am driving, and I need to use my hands right now.

Catie: But, Mommy, that one hand is on your leg.

I couldn't argue, so I took the box from her and set it on the front seat. I like to think of it as sharpening her reasoning skills, not giving in to her demands. :)

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Anonymous said...

Nine days have passed since you posted this story. Each day we eagerly look for a new insite or funny story from your home.

Looking forward to the next post!