Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

There are quails all over the place here. They're such funny little birds. They walk instead of hopping, and they can move fast. They are also excellent hiders.
I heard a quail making funny noises in the irises, and was surprised to find little baby quail chicks. We tried all weekend to get a good picture, but, like I said, they are really good at hiding. At one point, we saw them parading back into the bushes and counted over ten chicks.
Our main project last weekend (Mothers' Day weekend) was landscaping the front yard. It was my birthday present.
Here is a before photo:

We headed to Lowe's and spent a chunk of change on plants.
Then, we got to work. Well, Brad got to work shoveling up the sod.
We stopped in the middle for a science lesson on worms.

"Mommy, are you picturing me?"
At the end of the weekend, this is what it looked like:

Monday was my birthday.
I got a pedicure. :)
Andy and Jenny sent flowers.
Ta-da! The irises are in full bloom now.

The rose bush is also in bloom.

This weekend we ordered rock for the beds. Brad hauled it over and I spread it out.

We'll get some kind of edging at some point, but we can't decide what we want.
She had to get in on the picturing. Excuse her greasy hair. Someone thought it would be really fun to squeeze desitin all over the place and spread it all over her body, including her hair. We shampood her hair twice last night and it still isn't out. Hoping it will work it's way out before we have pictures taken on Friday.
Here's my long-legged boy enjoying some tv. We spent quite a bit of time on the couch this week. About mid-week they both caught colds. There's been a lot of whining around here. Nothing a little Sing Along Songs with Mickey can't fix.

On Wednesday we're heading to St. Louis for 10 days. We're looking forward to a little vacation and seeing family!

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