Thursday, December 3, 2009

So far so good

I blame my last post on sleep deprivation. Catie was up several times last night upset that her paci kept falling through the slats on her crib.

Anyway, thought you might like to see some pictures. Here's the kitchen. It was difficult to fit my stuff. It wasn't as intuitive as some other kitchens we've had. There's a lot of space, but it's mostly vertical.
I love this space behind the sink. I've already filled it with plants. :) Aloe and jade in the big pots, some seasonal poinsettias, and a set of herbs that started as seeds, some of them are starting to sprout already.

I love this desk area, but I think it's going to be a chore to keep it clean, so I had to take a picture now.

This afternoon I worked on the playroom. Why are we buying more toys for Christmas? Ridiculous.

So, those are the two clean areas of the house. I'll take and post more pictures as I finish other rooms.


Angela said...

I love it! You are so organized already. I agree with the "why are we buying more toys for christmas" I think I will be implementing the new toy in one old toy out rule very soon. It's getting a little crazy and space is limited.
Love you girlie and I miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Catie is down to one paci and she still hasn't lost it. Could be why she is so upset when it falls out of the bed.

The house is looking great. Can't wait to see it. Only two months now.