Monday, December 7, 2009

More pics of the house

Catie has been up every night so far at least once crying about not finding her paci. Ugh. I am so poking a hole in it today.

Maybe part of my frustration comes from this:
The playroom after a full day at home.

I really should have taken a picture of this tree as soon as I finished it. It's already looking a little bedraggled.
Here are some rooms that I haven't shown you yet. Here's the dining/living room. Eventually we'll put some bookcases on the blank wall in the living room.

Here it is from the other direction.

Our guest room is ready!
I promise we'll move the pack n play out of there if you come to visit, but for now we have to separate Catie and Nick during nap time.
And here's the family room. I took a close up of the garland and tree, but you can clearly see in that picture that we haven't really taken care of the electronics under the tv yet (thus the computer sitting on the little table in front of the tree still hooked up to the internet through a wire) and nobody needs that much honesty.

So, it's coming together. The master bedroom, garage, and craft room are all disaster areas still, but I'm hoping to tackle the master today. The garage is mostly Brad's territory, and it's not his fault that there's 20 million empty boxes and 50 tons of packing paper in there. As for the craft room, it's not even on my radar yet. Maybe in January.


Kristine Lindblom said...

Beautiful! And look at all those Christmas trees! I haven't even managed to have time to put ONE up yet!

Anonymous said...

It is looking great!!! You have been busy! So have the twins ;0) I can't wait to come see it in person.


Anonymous said...

The top shelves in the twin's toy room looks great in this shot.

It looks like you are having a lot of fun. I am so happy you have a home of your own again.