Monday, September 21, 2009

Under the Big Top

On Friday night we went to the circus with the twins for the first time. It was one of those small travelling circuses. (The juggler was also our ticket taker, and the Roly Boly guy sold us a program.) We had "box seats" meaning that we had a sectioned off spot right next to the ring. It was trouble right away when the clowns came out. Catie and Nick started shaking like I've never seen before. Mom and I scooped them up onto our laps and tried to distract them with food and drinks. Then the tigers came out. They were the laziest tigers I've ever seen. It took them 10 minutes to do the act and the highlight was when one tiger jumped over the backs of three other tigers. But, the kids liked it and calmed down. The juggler was excellent, the dog trainer was even more pathetic than the tigers, and the other performers wouldn't have made it on America's Got Talent. We decided to leave during intermission because we had company. As we were leaving, Catie said, "The circus is fun!" She could have fooled me while we were sitting there, but I tried to encourage her good feelings so that we would be able to enjoy it more some other time. They both talked about all the things that they remembered (which was more than we thought) the whole way home.

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