Thursday, August 13, 2009

Final days

Our last weekend in Alaska was filled with packing, cleaning, and last-minute errands. Every spare moment we had was spent with our friends David and Kristine. On Friday, we all headed up to Hatcher's Pass for some wild blueberry picking.

How could you not love a place that looks like this?
Brad looked like a momma bear with his cubs following behind. We had to make a rule that the kids could only eat the berries that they picked, not the ones out of the bucket. They were so sweet and delicious; Catie and Nick ate them by the handfuls.

Kristine and I settled down to picking right away. She wanted to make syrup. I just wanted just enough for blueberry pancakes on Saturday morning, but ended up making muffins too.

David and Kristine's oldest.

Daddy teaches Nick how to pick berries.

Good buddies. Kristine and I were talking about how rare it is to find such good friends. Kristine and I get along. Brad and David get along. And, the kids love each other too.
We ate lunch next to this creek.

My little rock collector.

Is there anything more fun for a little boy than throwing rocks into the water? I don't think so.

We're now officially in transition. I'm at my parents' house and Brad is in Washington. Everything is going well so far. We'll keep you posted. :)
Thanks for remembering your camera and taking these great photos, David.


Hewittfolks said...

Hope things go well for you guys! It seems daunting to me to take kiddos around the block, let alone keep globetrotting like you do.

Kristine Lindblom said...

What good memories! We went picking in the same spot two days ago with Kim, Tim and Diana and got more berries. People without children want to hike soooooo far though. We ended up having to carry the kids. I'll have to remember to keep checking your blog - I forgot until today.

Emily said...

Such great pics.