Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chicago's Millenium Park

Mom and Dad took Friday off, and we headed in to Chicago for the morning to visit Millenium Park. First, we stopped at the Family Day tent, where we listened to a woman sing children's songs. The kids liked it, but there were so many little ones there that it was overwhelming at times.

Then we headed to "the bean." Nick loved it underneath there!

By that time, we were all hot, so we made our way to the fountains. On the other side, there are pictures of faces that spit and other things, so that part was crowded, and we enjoyed the much more quiet side. In the pictures, it looks like no one's there, but trust me when I say there were at least 100 squealing children on the other side.

After we played for a while, we walked over to the amplitheater where the Grant Park Orchestra was practicing for their concert that night. We ate a picnic lunch on the lawn. Then, we played on the playground across the street. What a fun day!

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Hewittfolks said...

Cute! I loved that park, it made me wish I was a little kid. :)

And I believe that is the forty-third hairstyle I have seen your mom in since I met her! I admire her for trying new things (says the girl who has had approximately the same style for eight years).