Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ryder!

My nephew Ryder turned 2 on Saturday! What fun! I can't help but marvel at the fact that in less than two months the twins will be two also.

Here's Ryder enjoying one of his birthday presents before the party.

Catie had to get into the action too. Don't be fooled by those cute expressions; they're fighting over who gets to drive.

Catie loves her cousin Brindy. The jury's still out on whether the feeling's mutual.
I couldn't resist sneaking in this picture of my brother-in-law. He's such a good sport.

I call this picture "I Love My Camera: Check out the action shots I can get now that I've gotten rid of the camera with the 3 second lag between pressing the button and the picture actually recording."
Ummm...isn't this the cutest cake you've ever seen. I'm not bragging or anything, but I made it. :)

Blowing out the candles. Ryder was so excited by the cheers that he got for blowing out the candles that he just kept going.
Holy cupcakes! Soon after I took this picture, I took the wrapper off Nick's cupcake and you would have thought I had slapped him. He shoved his face back in, but continued to cry for a full minute. Don't mess with this boy's cupcakes!

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