Sunday, August 3, 2008

Doha? Where's that?

Doha is starting to seem like a distant memory. Have I really been living in the Middle East for the past 8 months, because this feels so much like home here in the U.S. Right now, I could just not ever get back on a plane and fly 14 hours away from here and family. But, there are a few things drawing me back. My husband, for one. And the wonderful friends I've made there. And, MOPS. I've had MOPS on the brain lately. I spend every free minute thinking about it. I'm worried. I'd really appreciate it if you'd join me in praying for this potentionally wonderful ministry to the young mothers of Doha. Pray that we would be able to minister to these women. Pray that we might be able to see God's kingdom grow through us. Pray that I can step out of the way of God and let Him work. Pray that I can find speakers and mentors that will speak God's message to these mothers. Pray that some other moms will step up to some leadership positions so that I don't have to do everything. And, pray that I am able to find childcare workers to nurture and teach their kids while the mothers enjoy a break.

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Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Ha!! You wish it were all a dream, huh? Well, soon enough you'll be back.

I'm sure the MOPS ministry is going to go very well. God is going to bring everything you need.