Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Top Ten Signs that You've Been in Doha Too Long

I've been thinking about this for the past week or so. So, here's the list in the style of David Letterman:

Top Ten Signs You’ve Been in Doha Too Long

10. You can watch television all night without getting distracted by the Arabic subtitles.

9. You have your braking foot at the ready, just in case the guy next to you on the roundabout decides to cut you off.

8. You give directions that sound like this: go left onto the Corniche, go straight through the next 3 roundabouts, turn right at the Burger King, go left at the next RA, keep going until you see the guy on the side of the road with the one-eyed camel, (yeah, the one next to the McDonalds), turn left at the next RA, in between Pizza Hut and KFC…

7. You’ve said hello and goodbye to at least 5 good friends.

6. You can’t decide if you want to go to Landmark Mall, City Centre Mall, CentrePoint Mall, the Centre, Villagio Mall, or Hyatt Plaza. Because you’ve been to all of them within the past week.

5. You are no longer surprised that the lady in the Abaya is cutting in front of you in the checkout because she “only” has ten things to buy.

4. You’ve considered paying for your groceries with packs of gum.

3. You think 25% off is a really good sale.

2. You find yourself craving a really good hummus.

1. You think the driving has gotten better since you’ve been here.


Anonymous said...

You have been in Doha too long when your Dad looks at your blog everyday in hopes of seeing new pictures of you and the twins. And when he finds none he scrolls down just to look one more time at the ones you last posted.

6 days and counting,

Theresa & Lydia said...

ha! i love this post! and i love your site! ok, ok, and i love YOU!

theresa & lydia