Tuesday, July 1, 2008

100 Things about Me

This seems to be a bloggy tradition on the occasion of the 100th post. Here it is:

100 Things About Me

1. I am a Christian.
2. I grew up in the Church of the Nazarene, but I married a Lutheran.
3. We go to a non-denominational church.
4. My husband’s name is Brad.
5. We met at the Church of the Nazarene.
6. He’s 6 years older than me, so he had to wait until I was legal to date me.
7. Two weeks after we started dating, he moved to Alaska.
8. He moved home 18 months later, and we got married after I graduated from college.
9. Home was, is, and always will be St. Louis.
10. I went to Olivet Nazarene University.
11. I got a degree in Elementary Education.
12. I worked three years in schools and tutoring, but only used my degree for 4 months.
13. We lived in Las Vegas for five months.
14. We couldn’t wait to get out of there.
15. I loved living in Colorado Springs.
16. While we were there we had twins.
17. I love being a mom.
18. I’ve always been a nurturing person.
19. When I was little, I wanted to have triplets.
20. I wanted to name them Stacy, Tracy, and Lacy.
21. We named the twins Catie and Nick.
22. I always wished that I had a nickname.
23. My friend started calling me Rick in college.
24. It didn’t stick.
25. If I had been a boy my name would have been Eric.
26. I have a sweet tooth.
27. When I was pregnant with the twins, I craved gummy candy.
28. When I was little, I faked stomach aches so that I could have Pepto-Bismol.
29. I love almond croissants.
30. My favorite meal is roast, carrots, and potatoes.
31. My favorite ice cream is peppermint stick.
32. It has to be the cheap kind, where the candy has gotten gooey in the ice cream.
33. I microwave my ice cream.
34. Brad was my first and only serious boyfriend.
35. He’s also the first and only guy I kissed.
36. I like that.
37. I like digital scrapbooking.
38. It’s fast, easy, and cheap.
39. I like Hamburger Helper for the same reasons.
40. I have a bad habit of picking up hobbies and then dropping them when they get too hard or expensive.
41. I’m currently pursuing photography.
42. I have the photography equivalent of two-footer disease.
43. I read voraciously.
44. When we moved to Doha I started reading Danielle Steele because it was the only thing I could get for free.
45. I’m ashamed to say that I like her.
46. I am the world’s least athletic person.
47. When I was 10, I was on a softball team.
48. We called ourselves the Alley Cats.
49. We didn’t win all season.
50. I love watching movies at the theater.
51. Chick flicks are my favorite.
52. Shopping is my favorite hobby.
53. Getting good deals gives me a high.
54. I think a good gift is even better if the person who bought it got a good deal.
55. My mom leaves the tags on gifts so that she can brag about the deal she got.
56. I do the same thing.
57. I think my parents are the best.
58. My mom taught me how to shop.
59. And how to be disciplined. (I didn’t listen.)
60. And she has the gift of hospitality. (I did listen.)
61. I thought I was just like my mom, until freshman year of college when I was voted most shy on our floor.
62. I was shocked.
63. I’m reserved.
64. My dad is a strong person.
65. He knows something about everything.
66. I have an older brother.
67. We’re good friends.
68. My in-laws are great too.
69. They spoil me and my children.
70. I like that.
71. I spend too much time on the computer.
72. I hate housework.
73. But, I love a clean house.
74. I love to bake.
75. Cooking dinner is no fun.
76. But, I could bake cookies everyday.
77. If someone else would clean the kitchen for me.
78. When I was a teenager, my parents paid me $30 a week to clean the house.
79. I can’t wait until the twins are old enough to do some chores.
80. I used to collect porcelain dolls.
81. I plan to give them to my daughter when she’s older.
82. They’re probably worth $100. Total. For the entire collection.
83. I also collected rocks.
84. My favorite vacation memory is the rock store in Phoenix.
85. My parents took us on vacations all over the United States. We went to lots of historic places and toured many old homes.
86. I really appreciate that.
87. When I was in Junior High, I was on the Scholar Bowl team.
88. I was also a Bible quizzer.
89. I wasn’t fast enough in either.
90. But I was pretty good at bonuses.
91. I don’t like socks that have terry cloth inside them.
92. Or couches with buttons.
93. My dad called me the Princess and the Pea.
94. I have two speeds, shopping (slow) and walking (fast).
95. I leave the TV on all day for background noise.
96. I love to sing, but rarely sing in the shower.
97. I’d rather listen to a CD than go to a concert.
98. I cry when I see other people crying.
99. I like taking tests and I miss going to school.
100. I can’t pick a favorite color.

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Grandma Cindy said...

#22--What about "er (air)-head"??

#40--Just like your father! (and brother)

#53--Just like your mother!

Thanks for the very sweet words about your family, sweetie. We love you, too! And can't wait to see you!