Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun lunches

Since Nick's preschool ends at 11:30 and Catie's starts at 12:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays, we have to hurry from one to the other. I've decided to pack lunches to eat on our way.

Recently, I've become aware of bento boxes, Japanese lunches, and I love them! You can really get into these things or you can keep them simple. The main principle is that you have little bits of a variety of foods. Making them pretty is fun, but optional.

Plus, making them pretty can get expensive. I chose to buy these Ziploc containers. They come in a two-pack for two dollars and change. Here is Catie and Nick's lunch today (the other one looks exactly the same.)
Clockwise from bottom left:
pretzel sticks in a cupcake liner
cheese shaped dogs (used a mini metal cookie cutter) and ham
alphabet crackers and a few chocolate chips
strawberries and black grapes

I close them up (the lid snaps in and seals each compartment) and put them in a rectangular lunch bag with an ice pack. Easy! And the kids love them.

This is my first week making them, but I'm looking forward to getting faster and more creative with practice. I'll share any that I make that turn out especially cute. :)

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