Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chatty Catie

Catie is hard to ignore. She talks all. day. long. Although she is talking more and more like a 4 year old, sometimes she just wants to talk even if she's not making any sense.

Any time a new song comes on when we're in the car she always asks, "What's this song about?" Usually we're listening to K-Love, so generally the song is about God. Then she'll ask, "Why is the song about Jesus?" and I say, "We sing about Jesus because he loves us and we love him." Like clockwork. There's no point in changing it up, because she'll manipulate the conversation until you end up saying the same thing anyway.

Yesterday, I popped in a Laurie Berkner band CD, and a song about dinosaurs came on. Catie asked, "What's this song about?"

"It's about dinosaurs," I answered.

"Why is it about dinosaurs? Because they love us?" she asked.

I muttered something about loving to sing about dinosaurs while trying not to laugh.

Things like this are happening everyday now. When did my baby girl turn into the preschooler who hijacks her gymnastics coach's attention for minutes at a time to tell her about the book that she borrowed from the library?

PS I love my son too. It's harder to describe the things that he does that make me laugh. He has a cold. :( Pray that he gets over it before preschool starts next week and that Catie and I don't come down with it!

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