Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!*

*Honestly, I started this post on the 4th, so I can still call it "Happy 4th", right?

Waiting for the parade to begin, oh so patiently.

I've got some serious hormone issues right now, I think. Tears streamed down my face behind my sunglasses while we cheered the veterans and civil servants as they passed by. Someone please say that the sight of a young man with two metal legs in a wheelchair makes you tear up a little too.

I really missed the St Louis fireworks this year. We ended up watching the Macy's fireworks on tv. Beautiful, but just not the same. The fireworks here in Anchorage didn't start until midnight, one of the disadvantages of long daylight hours.

God bless America!

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Amanda said...

Praying For you!