Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

Nick made an Easter crown at church. He was the only kid who kept his on, and he wore it for a long time at home, too. :) Here they are looking at the goodies in their Easter baskets. It's a mix of books and movies from us, my parents, and Brad's parents. They also had other bags with little toys from all of us and candy, which I promptly took away in order to disperse it evenly throughout the week. I'm such a party pooper. :)
Finding Easter eggs was a lot of fun, and they found almost all of them before they lost interest, which is saying a lot. I did realize, however, that my egg filling strategy didn't work. A few eggs had jelly beans, which Nick licked, then put down on the white carpet. Most of the other eggs had Trix cereal in them, which Nick was into, but there were too many so soon it became more fun to step on them and grind them into the carpet. Who puts white carpet in a rental house?

We tried really hard to get a nice picture of the kids with Grandma (Bam-maw, as Catie says) but the kids were too interested in their new toys.

It was so fun to see the kids so excited about all the little things they got. I've been telling them the Easter story, and a few times they repeated with me, "Jesus is alive!" I'm looking forward to the day when the story will become their story.
Praise the Lord! Because of His death and resurrection, we can have hope and a new life in Him.

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