Sunday, December 30, 2007

Al Khor

Yesterday we headed 50 km north of Doha to the northeastern tip of Qatar to the town of Al Khor. On the way out there, I caught my first glimpse of camels. They were far way, and I didn't get a good look though. Al Khor was built up because of the pearl diving that used to take place there. We tried to figure out why anyone lives there now, but we weren't able to. There were many large beautiful homes, so perhaps it is a vacation spot, although the beach wasn't all that nice, pretty rocky right next to the water. We strolled along the beach for a few minutes, but the wind was a little chilly for the babies (it was about 68 degrees.) We also spent some time trying to find the pearl museum, but we were also unsuccessful in that. We ended up stopping in a grocery store/food court. Catie and Nick had their first experience with a coin operated ride. It scared Catie and Nick wasn't sure what to think. After it stopped, he liked playing with the steering wheel. We saw an American family there. It looked like three generations, with teenagers/young adults, middle aged couple, and an older couple. They didn't know what to do there either; they said they were just wandering around. :)

The babies' walking has really improved this past week. They can easily walk many steps, and I see them walking more than crawling. They're growing up so fast!

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