Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snow fun

Yesterday the twins were off school and Brad was off work so we headed out to enjoy the snow. We were out the door at 8:15, but after eating breakfast at Spudnut's, trying to put air in our tires at a faulty air machine that ate our three quarters, and going to three stores for snow boots for Nick and sleds, we made it out to White Bluffs Elementary School for some sledding on their big (but not too big) hill.

After a ride down with the parents, both of the kids decided to try it alone. Nick thought it was great! When Catie got to the bottom, she said, "I'm tired and I'm cold. Let's go home." I think she was more scared than anything because she enjoyed more rides down the hill as long as Mommy or Daddy went with her.

The twins favorite part was when Brad or I went down on our bellies with the kids riding our backs. But, when Brad turned a little too much and both of them came tumbling off into the snow the fun was over. We made a few snow angels then headed home. Which was probably good anyway, considering that it was only 11 degrees outside.

I took some really bad pictures with Brad's iPhone while we were sledding that don't really show anything. Here are some shots of the kids that I took with my good camera when we got home.


Anonymous said...

What a great family day! Wish could have been there to see all the fun. I will never forget the time Andy and I went sledding and you stayed home. We went down a hill with bumps with Andy on my back. After the first bump the plastic sled broke and we continued down the hill on my stomach. When we stopped my coat was full of snow and the sled was halfway up the hill and Andy was saying lets do it again.


Anonymous said...

That looks awesome. I'm wishing we get that much snow where I live.

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